5 Baby Shower Gifts Working Moms Really Need

Well, a baby shower is one of the most important among a host of functions we attend regularly. But, they also pose you a million dollar question – what would you give as a baby shower gift when you attend those functions?

Clothes are what most of us would think of, but they are not exactly what a new mother would love. Let us check out a few great Baby Shower Gifts so that it would be easy for you choose the right gift.

5 Baby Shower Gifts Working Moms Really Need

Whether you are a mom to be or already a mother, we know what you would love to receive as the best baby Shower gift. These gifts will definitely make you feel loved and cherished. We have listed the top 5 best Baby Shower gifts so that your friends will be able to find the best gifts for you.

Diapers and Diaper Wipes

That should indeed be the most important commodity that a new mother would require. If you are a mother of a newborn, you will definitely have an enormous collection of diapers and diaper wipes.

Do note that some mothers tend to have special preferences when they want to buy diapers. Asking the new mother about her preference as for the brand, quality and material would be quite practical enough. Even Diaper wipes are one of the best options for a baby shower gift so that the mother can wipe her dirty hands on, after changing the diapers.

Memorial Diamonds

The concept of memorial diamonds has been fast catching up. There are several moments in our life that we would want to make memorial enough. Your newborn baby is undoubtedly one of those special moments. How about a memorial diamond made from the first haircut or the locks of your newborn?

The diamonds from your baby’s hair should be the best option you can go with. It can be one of the essential baby shower gifts that you can go with. Enjoy the special moments by carrying them on your body wherever you go.


The dispenser, or Formula Dispenser as it is referred to as is the one of the least expensive among the things that a new mom would need. But that should not demean the importance that they carry.

In fact, in a zeal for registering the bigger stuff that is quite conspicuous, most of us tend to give less importance to the smaller things and tend to forget them quite easily. They can be the best for the feeds that may be needed on the go. And if you are not much keen on using them, they can also double up as cute snack cups as well.

Baby Carrier

Moms are known to be the best multi-taskers and nothing can be a better option than a Baby Carrier for you. It would help you keep your baby comfortably clutched to your heart, while you would be free to any other task that is imminent.

In fact, a Baby Carrier can be immensely helpful for the working mothers. The carriers are available in different shapes and sizes. Wraps, ring slings, softly structured options – you name them and they are available. Opt for the ones that help the baby stay cozy and comfortable.

Sterilizer Bags

Hygiene is one of the important aspects of nursing a baby and a medicine kit that contains enough of sterilizer bags and sterilizers should be the prime option for the best baby shower gifts.

You would need them a host of needs. In fact, instead of opting for the readymade sterilizers and sterilizer items opt for the sterilizer bags. They would be quite simple and easy to use. Just fill all the items into the sterilizer bag and microwave the bag for a few minutes! That would do it. You have a homemade sterilization complete. The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was our top 5 list for the best Baby Shower gifts that a working mother will not resist. We have seen the first time mothers tend to be baffled about what to get and what not. In fact, most of the mothers register a whole lot of items in a zeal, but at least three-quarters of them go without being used.

We assume the list of items featured here should be a great option for new moms. Actually, we have also thrown in a little emotion into the concept of baby showers with the inclusion of memorial diamonds to the list. Do share your thoughts and opinions about the baby shower gifts we have featured in our compilation. Do let us know your priorities when opting for the best baby shower gifts you would want to register for your baby.

Written by Emily Green for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

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