3 Must-Buys to Make Your Life Easier as a New Mom

3 Must-Buys to Make Your Life Easier as a New Mom

I just had my second daughter a week ago, and I forgot how amazing and equally draining a newborn can be.

A new baby can make even the most frugal a spendthrift. However, there are three big purchases that I think every new mom should have before or right after the baby comes.

A Cleaning Service

When I was 37 weeks pregnant, I hired a cleaning lady for the very first time. I'm not going to lie when I say that spending $80 for someone else to clean my house for four hours was hard to swallow.

There is no doubt that hiring a house cleaner is a bit of a luxury, but if it is in the budget for you as a new mom or mom-to-be, then I highly recommend it. Deep cleaning at nine months pregnant or when you're getting acquainted with your newborn is hard.

With my first baby, I just remember feeling overwhelmed by my messy house, along with the fact that I could not get it to stay clean due to a C-section recovery and exhaustion.

A Photography Session

Even though we own a nice camera and my husband is talented enough to take good photographs, it can be hard to get those first precious moments that you want to get.

Setting up your own mini-photo shoot and getting your newborn in a cute outfit, all while you have a toddler running around is exhausting. It is just better to hire a photographer or ask a talented friend to take those first photos.

Schedule the appointment while you are still pregnant or right after delivery. This way you won't forget or allow yourself to make excuses (new moms, you look beautiful even though you may not look how you want to look right after birth).

An Extra Freezer

If you live in an apartment or condo, then an extra freezer will probably not work for you. As a new mom, my extra freezer in the garage is a lifesaver. I made almost 40 freezer-friendly meals during pregnancy to fill it up, so I wouldn't have to cook after giving birth. But even if you didn't make any freezer meals, an extra freezer still comes in handy.

During my last weeks of pregnancy, I also stocked up on other food items, such as essentials like cheese, bread, and extra meat. I also stocked up on items that would make for easy meals, such as marinated pork loins and chicken sausages.

Having a full freezer this first week of a new baby has allowed me to go shopping in the garage versus going to the grocery store. It has also prevented us from eating out, which is such a big temptation when you have little sleep to run on.

I truly think all three of these items are a must-have at the end of pregnancy, and in the first few weeks of having a newborn. Even though they cost some money up-front, they have taken a huge stress off of me and my family. Plus, you're able to spend more time getting to know your new little one.

Written by Ashley Eneriz for MoneyNing and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

Featured image provided by Kelly Sikkema

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