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8 Ways This High Chair Will Make Your Life Easier

Everyone with children finds out quickly that they require a lot of stuff. Even before the child’s birth, most parents have stocked the house with cribs, changing tables, diaper bags, and bouncy seats in preparation for arrival. And then they have to figure out all the stuff they missed. Time flies, and soon they need more stuff, including a high chair, so the little one has a place to eat. But in a hurry to buy the latest necessity, it’s easy to overlook what you really need.

The Beyond Junior Y Chair from Abiie offers parents not only a high chair to fit their child now, but for years to come. This sturdy piece of furniture can be a fixture in your home for many children to enjoy while making life easier for parents along the way. What makes it so unique? Here are eight reasons that the Abbie Beyond Junior Y Chair has become such a popular choice for parents across the country.

1. One Product, Multiple Chairs

Abiie’s Beyond Junior Y Chair grows with your child and can, therefore, be used for many years. Abiie

Let’s start with the chair’s biggest selling point—it’s designed to remain useful as your child grows. From age six months to 12 years 0ld (or more), your child can use this chair safely. It quite simply transitions from a secure high chair to a toddler chair to a chair for kids to eat comfortably at the table. Everything is adjustable, and the chair is comfortable for children at all stages of their life. It can even work as a spare chair for adults when you have company or need another option around the card table.

2. Easy to Clean

Everyone knows that kids are messy, which means that a high chair must be simple for parents to clean. On the Beyond Junior Y Chair, the dishwasher-friendly tray cover is removable with one hand. Throw it in the dishwasher and forget about it after a meal. The waterproof seat cushion cleans quickly with a wipe, and because of the simple design, it’s easy to remove the footrest, tray, and seat to get at the food that inevitably spills in the most hard-to-reach places.

3. Super Safe

When a child first starts using a high chair, you want quality restraints to ensure that they stay in place. The Beyond Junior Y Chair features a dual-restraint system with an easily adjustable three-point or five-point harness to keep your child secure. The broad base means that the chair itself is secure as well—strong enough for adults to sit on.

Safety tests on the product are performed by SGS, the world’s top certification company. Every chair that leaves the factory meets the standards of the ASTM F404 (the Standard Consumer Specification for High Chairs), the California Air Resource Board (CARB), and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008.

4. Beautiful Design

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Not only is the Beyond Junior Y Chair functional, but it also looks good in your home! Abiie

Some high chairs are eyesores. They’re designed as a disposable product to only last a few years before being tossed in the trash. Not this one, which is finely crafted out of European beech. While its functionality is why you buy it, this is a product that stylistically fits in most decors and certainly doesn’t look like any other high chair on the market.

5. Quick Adjustment

You don’t have to find an Allen wrench or screwdriver if you want to adjust the seat or footrest on the chair. It takes only a few seconds to press the buttons on either side of the seat to remove it from its spot and raise or lower it to one of nine different seating positions. It can go from kid seat to adult seat as needed throughout the day. Multiple kids can use the chair and adjust it to the height that they need.

6. Better for the Environment

The wood used to create the Beyond Junior Y Chair is farmed sustainably in Europe. For every beech tree that’s harvested, several new seedlings are planted. Only the best wood from the cultivated forest is used in the production of the chairs. And at the end of life—a long, long time in the future—this product is biodegradable, unlike plastic or metal options that will live forever in landfills.

7. No Harmful Chemicals

This chair doesn’t use harmful chemicals to be made “baby-proof.” Once the wood is made into boards, it’s steam sterilized to ensure a hygienic environment. The chair meets the strictest safety guidelines, and the materials used to manufacture the high chair contain no harmful substances, such as BPA, phthalate, PVC, or latex. The chair is finished with a non-toxic and certified-safe plant-based lacquer.

8. Last a Lifetime

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Abiie’s products have no harmful chemicals and are safe for children of all ages. Abiie

Abiie is interested in creating safe and easy-to-use parenting products that aren’t disposable. The Beyond Junior Y Chair is a well-crafted piece of furniture that’s designed to last for several children and beyond, even to the next generation. Far too many baby products get used a few times and then thrown in the trash. Abiie takes pride in this chair’s materials, craftsmanship, and function, allowing parents to live sustainably while taking care of their children for years to come.

Written by Jeff Banowetz for Matcha in partnership with Abiie.

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