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10 Hilariously Relatable Truths About Working from Home

Comfy pants with a giant hole in the crotch? Don’t mind if I do.

As professional and productive as we are when we work from home, we still handle things a bit differently from our office selves. And some of our nobody-can-see-us choices are pretty hysterical when we stop to think about them. So we did, and we hope these give you a chuckle about your well-deserved work-at-home days.

1. You have two breakfasts because dammit, you’re too close to your kitchen not to.

2. You have separate degrees of makeup routines, known as: In-Person Meeting Face, Skype Face, Daycare Pick-up Face and Never-Seeing-the-Light-of-Day Face

. Working Mother

A new face for every occasion. Photo: Giphy

3. You pair a video meeting-worthy top with pajama pants that definitely have a giant hole in the crotch.

. Working Mother

Just make sure your hubby doesn’t blow up your spot. Giphy.com

4. It takes you three hours of staring at your computer before you work up the desire to put on deodorant.

. Working Mother

If you have armpits, but no one’s there to smell them, do they emit odor Giphy.com

5. You have to unplug the coffee maker at some point to stop yourself from going back for your fifth cup.

. Working Mother

Too convenient for your own health. Photo: Giphy

6. You get your mail the moment it arrives, as though today, the day you work from home, will be the one time there’s something in there besides bills and catalogs.

. Working Mother

Sometimes you even beat your postal carrier to the door slot. Giphy.com

7. Your lunch consists of last night’s leftover chicken, Advent-calendar chocolate and a fun-size bag of fruit snacks.

. Working Mother

You don’t need a sophisticated lunch when you have no witnesses. Photo: Giphy

8. You talk to Alexa just so you can hear your own voice.

. Working Mother

And maybe also for the joy in having someone respond to you. Giphy.com

9. You get less mad at your mom for calling you in the middle of the day, but only slightly.

. Working Mother

You’re still working and she should know that! Photo: Giphy

10. Despite it all, nothing beats pooping from the comfort of your own toilet.

. Working Mother

Elmo knows what’s up. Giphy.com

Written by Audrey Goodson Kingo for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.

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