About Us

Abiie (pronounced ‘Ab-bee’) LLC is based in Austin, Texas. Austin is home to many intellectual and artistic talent; renowned writers, professors, students, musicians, and politicians. For its contributions to technology, Austin is also known as Silicon Hills. The Austinite spirit of moving towards a full and rich life underlies the establishment of Abiie LLC, an innovative company aiming to produce quality parenting products.

We are essentially a team of skilled engineers who focuses on enhancing the lives of families by providing practical solutions to daily life problems involving kids.

By designing easy-to-use, safe, and comfortable parenting products, we practically joins the task of parenting and serves to minimize parents’ loads. It goes without saying that our products are not only solution-oriented, but also attractive and hip in their look and feel. By integrating features with functionality, they attend to the parenting as well as the aesthetic needs of consumers.

More than a mere group of professionals, we strives toward bringing satisfaction and joy to all customers, making their experience like a living family. We take pride in the expedience of our products and the efficiency of our customer services.